I’m a sports fan.  A former basketball and baseball player.  From Massachusetts.  So I’m not one to forget the possibility of jinxing a team.  But it’s not happening.  Not to this team.  The Boston Celtics will be your World Champions in 2008, and from someone who watched them lose 18 straight games, loved Al Jefferson and Employee #8, appreciated Eric Williams and Walter McCarty, was raised on Tommy Points, and wishes he could physically bleed green, this is it.

Captain Clutch came through again.  He owned Kobe.  Ray Allen was a revelation–there’s no way you saw this coming after he walked around like a ghost against Cleveland and for part of the Detroit series.  KG rebounded from a poor first half to do what he does–play defense and pure offense, passing and scoring when given the appropriate option.  The role players stepped up as well.  Eddie House showed why he should have been playing throughout the playoffs, P.J. Brown physically demonstrated the attitude that the C’s lacked in the first half, and James Posey cemented himself as Big Game James.

Even Doc Rivers was phenomenal.  He subbed properly and never let his team down.  His turnaround during the playoffs has mirrored Ray Allen’s, and together they have given the rest of the Celtics a chance to do display their talents in the way they did during the regular season. 

There’s not much more to say, and in this euphoria I’m not thinking or writing clearly, but this is the moment.  This is what we watched the lottery for, this is what we believed in developing the kids for, this is what we believed in keeping The Truth around for.

The Celtics are about to complete a full season of wins–they stand one shy of a whopping 82.  We will probably never see a collection of talent and personalities equal to the team that Danny Ainge assembled this past offseason, when the Green Rennaisance started. 

My advice?

Savor it, it’ll never be this sweet again.


2 Responses to GREEN 17 IS HERE

  1. Suldog says:

    Amazingly good. Just awesome. UBUNTU!

  2. Sportsattitude says:

    Boston has showed guts whenever they’ve needed to reach down hard and they deserve all the props in the world for this title. Even if the Lakers find a way to force the series back to Beantown, all the more sweeter to win it before the home folks. The second half of Game 4 was just jaw-dropping. I remember when the season began it was “they’re too old” and “they don’t have enough around the Big Three.” Ha.

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