Halftime Thoughts

There’s no time for prissy prose, so it’s block thoughts time:


  • I can’t possibly stress the importance of changing the pick-and-roll defense.  The Celtics continue to trap high and allow Kobe to pass the ball off to the his versatile big men, who aren’t missing.  Let’s make Kobe be the ball hog he truly wants to be, and see if it can get us back in the game, or at the very least give us something to work off of for game 5.
  • Sam Cassell need not play ever again.  Unfortunately, I fear that Doc left Eddie House sitting on the bench so long his shot has gone lame.  Hopefully I’m wrong.
  • Leave KG in the rest of the game.  Who cares if he picks up another foul?  Seriously, just as Van Gundy said, you needed to leave Garnett in the game during that last minute of the first half in order to not lose momentum and blow the comeback–as Jordan Farmar’s running bank three just accomplished.
  • KG must get the ball where he wants it and go to the basket.  Hard.  At least 5 times in the first 6 minutes of the third quarter.  At least establish some attitude.
  • The game is probably over, but just as L.A. did in the fourth quarter of game 2, it’s time for the Celtics to wake up.   
  • Oh, and stop turning the damn ball over every two possessions.

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