Sporadic Live Thoughts in the Fourth

  • Pierce mugged Kobe on the offensive boards and got away with it as the ball squirted out and the Celtics got control.
  • Vujacic just tried a scissor move Jenna Jameson couldn’t pull off.
  • Ooph.  Leon almost gave the Celtics a statement bucket in the paint, only to see Kobe answer.
  • Pierce and Kobe are battling for L.A.’s heart.  But, in the end, we know Kobe will just take it anyway, regardless of whom it truly belongs to.
  • Bring KG back in before L.A. can get on a run.
  • No matter what happens the rest of the series, Boston appears to have finally arrived after a four day layover in Logan.
  • I don’t believe Ray Allen has sat for a minute the entire game.  And unlike during other postseason games and in pointless regular season contests (or lackthereof), Doc’s decision to abuse those 32-year-old ankles has been perfectly justified.
  • There’s no way for me to express how much I want to be on the Japanese Rip Off Show that ABC is throwing out there.  I think I could two-foot it over those crazy man-sized bouncy balls.
  • The Celtics have owned the defensive boards (this is not going to be backed up by any facts), and Eddie House has done a great job of helping there the past two games.
  • I don’t like Eddie taking shots insdie the three point line unless they are lay ups.
  • I hate how KG fades constantly, but damn he can make it.  The problem is you don’t get fouled when you fade away and he’s a great free throw shooter so that’s nice for the other team.
  • Another big rebound from House.
  • How was that not a foul when P.J. Brown went up for a dunk and was prevented from dunking but the ball was not blocked?
  • I wonder how many typos I’m making right now, I could set a record for a one quarter live blog.
  • Crap.  Paul Pierce does not need to further damage that right leg at this point.
  • JUST TO GET THIS OUT OF THE WAY: if I’m the NBA I want the Lakers to win this game, and from then on I’m happy with whatever happens.  If the Celts win tonight the series won’t be over, but it will likely end in game 6 in Boston.  If L.A. wins tonight, it’s very probable that we see a game 7 and millions more for David Stern’s mob.
  • Based on my previous bullet, why in the world does Kobe ever do anything other than drive to the basket and create?
  • HUGE THREE FROM BIG GAMES JAMES.  That’s my attempt at emulating Big Shot Rob’s moniker.
  • I LOVE that aggressive drive to the basket by KG.  The C’s need more of that.
  • How absurd is the NBA?  In no other sport/league/athletic level can a team not even show up till halftime and have a shot.
  • Eddie House gives us the lead.  I’m not at all surprised he would do something like that, except for that I didn’t know if he was even going to play because M.D. Rivers likes to cut his rotation up like his name ought to be DJ Doc Slice.
  • Ray Allen rebounding!!!!!!  Now go get a la…literally as I was typing lay up Ray Ray took it to the hole for a pretty up-and-under.
  • OK, so this is too good of a game for me to miss anything typing, so now it’s time to savor the five point lead KG just gave us.

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