Dog Days Thoughts

We’re starting to get to the summer dog days, maybe not for the players, but for the fans.  There’s almost nothing going on right now–thank god for Euro football.  So, let’s catch up on the happenings in MLBLandia now that Green 17 has come and gone.

  • Curt Schilling’s a Hall-of-Famer.  He’s perhaps the greatest postseason pitcher of all time and he accomplished a lot during the regular season throughout his long career.  He’s got questionable numbers, but doesn’t the one guy you’d want on the mound in game 7 belong with the cool kids?
  • The Joba to the rotation move appears to being paying off.  Handsomely.  Given an average of six innings per start for the remainder of the season (for simplicity purposes, it could vary but most likely will be around six) and roughly 16 or 17 starts left, Joba will end the regular season with more or less 140 innings–just about right for his progression.  Plus, now that Wang is down, they need Joba in the rotation.
  • If the Cubs or Phillies find themselves a good starter and maintain solid health come October, they should face off in the NLCS.
  • Cito Gaston?  Really?  He’s a relic of better days, but I doubt replacing John Gibbons with the ghost of Blue Jays past will change much that wasn’t going to change based on regression (or in their case, rise) to the mean.

One Response to Dog Days Thoughts

  1. Sportsattitude says:

    Curt Schilling’s opinions aside, if you look at what he’s accomplished on the field of play you have to give him credit for an outstanding major league career. Who knows about the HOF cred – a popularity contest in most instances. But if he just went about his business instead of commenting on every subject possible, he surely would be more likely to get an invite. I think some folks will keep him out for fear his acceptance speech might spill over into the next day…or the day after. As for Cito Gaston, it is hard to fathom what the Blue Jays are thinking with the Gibbons’ firing. Installing Cito sounds like evaluation for next year, not trying to win this one.

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