I created this blog back in the summer of ’07 because I wanted some place to voice my opinions about (mostly) sports.

Since then I’ve decided to give sports journalism a shot.  I’m graduating from Boston University in a mere matter of days (depending on when you read this) and have been using this site to help hone my skills in the meantime.

I focus most of my efforts on baseball and basketball, with other coverage usually going to football, hockey, and soccer.  If there’s anything else you’d like to read feel free to let me know about a possible topic.  I’m from Boston so my bias will be evident, but hopefully only in the teams/events I choose to write about, not so much in my analyses. 

The angle of “The Sports Beat” is this: I write as quickly as I can about anything in the sports world that I find interesting or important, meaning I’m a beat writer of sorts for the entire sports universe (except I have no more access to information than you do…oh, and I don’t get paid–sweet gig, huh?).

While I know that ESPN and other networks already do this, what I do is give you one page that covers everything a normal, well-versed sports fan would like to know about.  I won’t give you specifics that the average fan won’t understand–I’m going to break things down into layman’s terms.  There will be no rating pitches on the scouting scale of 20-80, I’ll describe Clay Buchholz’s changeup in a way you’ll understand.

De vez en cuando voy a tomar el tiempo para escribir algo en español, porque he pasado, en total, siete y media meses fuera de los estados unidos, o estudiando o viajando, en Ecuador, Colombia, Perú y España, y no quiero perder la lengua completamente.

(Once in a while I’m going to take the time to write in Spanish because I’ve spent, overall, 7 and a half months abroad, either studying or travelling, in Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, and Spain, and I don’t want to lose the language completely.)

Please email obeese@hotmail.com if you’d ever like to contact me, or simply leave a comment on any of my pages or posts. 

Thanks and I hope you enjoy,

Brandon Simes


2 Responses to About

  1. Sportsattitude says:


    I took a look at my stats over the last few days and – duh – here comes some visits from obeese.wordpress.com…next thing I know I’m on a Blogroll of a site I should be checking out daily. Welcome aboard ’cause when I get done typing this you’re on mine as well. Was checking out Boston U and actually met with a recruiter from there…back in 1976…yeah, I’m gonna be 50 in May of this year but along the way I did get a degree in Humanities-Journalism from Penn State-Harrisburg…better known as the campus within throwing distance of Three Mile Island and yes, I was there when that whole mess went down. You’ve got a fine career ahead of you in sports journalism and I am looking forward to reading your posts on a regular basis.

    Bruce Burns

  2. Colby Almond says:


    I am currently the editor of the blog Athlists.com . In an effort to expand our site, we’ve been going to similar sites in hopes of trading spaces on our blog roll. Our site has been featured on Yahoo! Sports, Deadspin, Metafilter, and frequents the front page of Digg and Reddit.


    Colby Almond

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